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Increase your Ecommerce Website Conversion Rate with these 3 Secrets!

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Do you have an ecommerce website with a sub-standard conversion rate? Our expert ecommerce web design team have filled us in on some top secrets to getting your website to convert customers better (and faster).

It’s likely that you’re utilising a standard or premium shopify theme and you’ve filled the blanks without considering the customer journey.

The ultimate rule of thumb is that ‘a seamless user experience leads to higher conversions’. This means that from your home page to checkout, your ecommerce website needs to be easy to follow. We’re here to help you make the right ecommerce web design solutions to increase your conversion rate.

Create Perceived Value

For customers to be generally interested in purchasing your products, you need to create a perceived level of value and demand for your product. A very effective way of doing so is sourcing user generated content from your customers, influencers or friends which you can in turn edit and showcase on your website through product reviews or images/videos throughout,

When customers can relate to your product and are reassured that they won’t be the first person trying it (or the last) this will build purchase confidence and encourage website visitors to make a purchase.

Display Bundles or Savings

Way too often, ecommerce business owners underestimate the power of incentives and stick by their pricing demands. However, statistics show, consumers are more willing to spend if you can provide them with a monetary incentive.

Displaying product bundles is a great way to not only encouraging purchases, but also increasing your average purchase price. Partnering two or more products at a discounted price and displaying them on the home page of your website will leave a great first impression for first time (and repeat) visitors. The customer is instantly incentivised to stay on your website and browse even further.

Offering FREE Shipping or Delivery Discounts is also another very effective way of encouraging a purchase through your online ecommerce website. Presenting a Free Shipping offer storewide can significantly increase the number of conversions by removing one obstacle for the customer.

Tip: Build the cost of shipping into your product price.

Invest in Custom Content

There are way too many ecommerce websites on the market right now utilising shared images or stock content for their websites which means you must differentiate. A company that invests in high quality product images and hero banners are more likely to persuade purchasers.

Show your audience that you’re confident in your product and willing to present it in the most attractive way possible. This confidence will shine on your customers and psychologically convince them of the validity and legitimacy of your business. in return, you can expect an increased number of conversion.

Implement these 3 secrets to your ecommerce web design and you are almost guarantee to see an increase in sales and conversion rates.