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Do you know where your next customer will come from?

Word of mouth, the yellow pages and job bidding sites can only take your business so far. You have little control over the influx of leads you receive. If used correctly, social media ads will provide your business with predictable and profitable high quality leads which you can generate on-demand.  

Discover how social media advertising can help your business. From setting up to managing and optimising social media ad campaigns, we get you ahead of the competition

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Meta Ads

Utilising Facebook ads gets you closer to prospective customers at the top, middle and bottom of your sales funnel. It is a cost-effective and user-focused marketing tool that generates leads for your business on auto pilot.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram  is a giant among millennials. So why ignore it? Photos, videos, carousels, stories and reels are a powerful way of selling your product or service. Sell to your customers pain points and scale business cost effectively.

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Tiktok Ads

Instagram  is a giant among millennials, Generation Z and Gen Xers. So, why ignore it? Photos, video, carousel, and stories. There is huge opportunity for your business to scale sales through a targeted instagram marketing campaign.


We noticed a dramatic increase in growth and leads.

We scaled detail artisans lead intake by 600 percent in just 30 days and subsequently caused them to search for a bigger warehouse to service even more cars. Our team still works with Eddy and the team at now ‘Detail Artist’ to help grow and scale even further.

Our competition crushing advertising process.


Initial Consultation

We discuss your needs and develop a gameplan to target your ideal customer avatar.


Design and Construct

We design your ad copy and content utilising a special offer or incentive.


Ready for Launch

We launch your direct response ad campaign and begin collecting warm leads.



We monitor and scale your ad campaign when it is most profitable for you.

Why choose us?

Enjoying social media success is no cakewalk. It demands time, knowledge and effort. Not to mention, trying to achieve great results with your paid marketing efforts. When you outsource your social media advertising to Digital One Marketing, you can expect:

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