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The 3 Things Your Website Must Have Leading Into 2022!

Having a website these days is like having car insurance, or paying registration – and most business owners treat their website as a ‘must-have’. Well, Zuckerberg just broke the internet with his plans for a metaverse and your business website doesn’t mean much to you?

To put things in perspective, if you want your business to have any type of market dominance in 10 years time, you need to start now before custom website design and SEO become mainstream …

Start with your Customer

The first thing you should as yourself as a business owner is, who are my ideal customers? What do they like to see? What should you be showing them?

Once you can grasp your customer ‘avatar’ business decisions will become much more fluent and decisive on your end. You will base your decisions (like what style of website you’d need) around the interests and behaviour of your customer avatar. Make your website about your customer, and not about how many years of experience you have.

Invest in Content

With our world essentially living online these days – most people have become desensitised to the average instagram or Linkedin post and have become more savvy in making purchasing decisions.

To win your client over, they want to know more than the job you’ve recently completed .. they want to see who’s the man/woman behind the business, they want to be educated and receive free value from you before taking their pick.

So, invest in content – photo or video and distribute this content on your website to take a more personalised and professional approach.

Make an Incredible Offer

To distinguish your business in a competitive online industry, you need to produce a compelling offer that demonstrates your confidence to deliver on what you say aswell as incentivising the customer to make an enquiry.

I know what you’re thinking .. ‘I offer Free Quotes’ .. well, the truth is, that’s a given nowadays and no customer will expect anything less than a Free Quote.

Get creative, referring to your customer avatar and develop an offer which you can attach to your website, paid marketing efforts and social media pages.

Here’s an example of an offer we recently developed for a Finance Broker client of ours.

“We will find you a cheaper rate on your home loan in just 5 days or we’ll give you $100 for wasting your time.”

You might be thinking, why this offer? Well, home owners and investors are often time poor – they don’t want a broker selling them on a pipe dream and then not delivering. The ‘5 days’ nullifies their time concerns and the $100 cash back makes it a ‘no-brainer’ for them to take action and request a consultation.

This is a simple example of a compelling offer which touches on the concerns of your customer avatar.

That’s it from us!

Thank you for getting to the end – we hope the above tips will assist in building a compelling website that actually generates leads and gives your visitors what they want to see.

– Anthony



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